Artist Statement


          Gregory J. Barry’s recent sculptural work combines discarded or found materials of everyday accord to form meaningful objects. He is drawn to the simplicity of line. Barry states, “Line employs direction whether forceful or implied; it's the movement of the path that transcends each sculptural work”. He uses insulated and non-insulated aluminum electric cable, wire, plaster, brick and wood to bring synergy between nature and our human associations with her. The line in nature especially within the wooded terrain where his property sits conveys depth of movement. The wire moves in similar ways to long reeds of grass or branches when met with gentle breezes, precipitation or the ephemeral perching of a bird or insect. The lines throughout his sculptures and natural objects transform and invoke personal moments of contemplative semblances. Barry states, “Lines are often symbolic as paths and journeys, where along the way stories are made and experienced by an individual or with the shared company of others. It’s those associations that allow our senses to connect with each other and evoke meaning”.  




        Gregory J. Barry, native to New England, educated in the desert Southwest, and current resident of Massachusetts with his wife and children, is an art educator and maker of objects. Gregory earned his B.F.A. studying classical foundations, non-traditional visual forms, and art education at Arizona State University. Since then, he received his M.Ed. from Cambridge College, and his M.A. from Boston University. Gregory has been earning his M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where he has been working in various forms of Sculpture. He has worked with international, regional and local artists; collaborated with museums and art leagues; and has given presentations at regional and national conferences regarding visual arts and education. Additionally, Gregory’s travel experiences have taken him internationally to Germany, France, Morocco, Italy and Switzerland, as well as Mexico and over half the continental United States. As a secondary public school art teacher, his career has inspired young people to explore and develop their own artistic and creative abilities.